Unfortunately, on occasion, a customer will initially experience a slight discoloration on their finger after a recent purchase of one of our rings... This is due to one of several reasons and usually goes away with continued wear...

Tarnish (on a ring) is the result of the skin's reaction to sterling silver and is produced by sulfuric oxide in the atmosphere and/or by certain foods or body salts and sometimes certain medications. This also tends to occur more frequently in humid conditions. Generally, if you continue to wear the ring, the tarnish will disappear in a few weeks (if not sooner). If it doesn't, it can be removed with a silver polishing cloth. All silver will tarnish if not taken care of.

All of our items produced are Sterling Silver and are legally stamped accordingly. Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver. It is alloyed with Copper. On rare occasions, the body may react to the copper alloy in sterling silver and turn the finger a slightly green color. Moisture trapped between the skin and metal reacts with the Copper alloy, causing a brief discoloration on the finger. Generally this will dissipate over time with continued wear.

Even less frequently, amino acids and sodium chloride, sometimes present on the skin, have been known to cause dissolution of the copper alloy in sterling silver and create a condition known as "smudge". Smudge looks like black soot and may appear on the skin and/or ring. This can be removed with a liquid silver jewelry cleaner.

While our explanation may have been a bit long, we hope it has answered your questions regarding skin discoloration.